Give the gift that grows!

Make your donation by December 31st to receive your Oregon Cultural Trust tax credit on this year’s Oregon income tax return!

Investing in Oregon’s culture has never been easier or more essential. The largest source of funding for the Trust’s efforts is gifts from individuals and businesses. To encourage your gift, the state of Oregon offers a 100% tax credit for your contribution–a dollar-for-dollar reduction of your Oregon state income tax liability. That means that every dollar you give to the Oregon Cultural Trust will be subtracted from your annual Oregon State income tax.

Follow these steps to get your tax credit:

One: contribute to qualified Oregon cultural organizations in any amount (a list of qualified organizations can be found on the OCT website)

Two: make a subsequent contribution to the Oregon Cultural Trust in any amount that matches all or part of the donations you made in step one

Three: claim your OCT tax credit: up to $500.00 for individuals, $1,000.00 for couples filing jointly or $2,500.00 for corporations when you fill out your Oregon income tax return

This Is CultureTo make your donation, please use the OCT web site, or contact the Oregon Cultural Trust at 503-986-0088.

The Jackson County Cultural Coalition and the Oregon Cultural Trust need your support. Since its creation, over 4,600 Oregonians have contributed to the Trust, enabling us to add over $17 million to the endowment and award over $14 million in grants statewide. The Jackson County Cultural Coalition is funded solely by the OCT.

The Cultural Trust also raises funds by revenue derived from the sale of a special cultural license plate. Ask your local auto dealer or DMV how to get an OCT license plate.

Thank you for supporting the Jackson County Cultural Coalition and the Oregon Cultural Trust!

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